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With her street-chic style, supermodel mother and rock legend father, Alex Richards is a veritable It Girl. The model-gone-DJ—and star of our most recent Kors Collaboration—lets us in on her favorite Michael Kors piece (hint: black leather) and where she plans to unwind post-show.

You spend a lot of your time in NYC. Where do you live?
I’m on the border of Chinatown and SoHo. I’ve been there for five years and the area is constantly changing. When I first moved there I had to walk a bit to get a good coffee or find a great shop. Now they’re all around me!

What's your favorite Michael Kors piece in your closet?
Definitely my black stretch leather leggings.

Describe them in three words.
Comfortable, sexy, danceable!

What's your favorite thing about a Michael Kors show?
The energy of the girls, the super-chic themes—and definitely the music.

Where will you head for lunch after the show? 
Probably something light at Café Select.

And dinner?
I love Balthazar. It’s the perfect cozy place to wind down and the food is always delicious—I look forward to the beet salad, mussels and a glass of Champagne.

What do you never miss when in NYC?
I truly love a spa day with my girlfriends at Great Jones Spa.

Do you have any special plans for Valentine's Day?
Not yet…but maybe a secret admirer will come out and surprise me!


Watch the Michael Kors Fall 2013 Runway Show here.

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