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Toronto-based fashion blogger Jay Strut may have just celebrated his 22nd birthday, but his appreciation for luxury is well-documented—as evidenced by his heavily-trafficked fashion and travel blog, Jay Strut. Ready for the New York shows, Jay talks food, fierce style and what’s in his bag.

Where do you like to stay when you’re in NYC? 
My favorite neighborhood has to be Gramercy Park. One of my closest friends lives there and everything is so close! It’s perfect—calm, quiet, but still close to all the action. I love walking down to SoHo for shopping or over to the Meatpacking District for dinner at Buddakan.

What’s your favorite Michael Kors piece in your closet?
It has to be my black and gold studded sneakers. They’re cool and classic, but with modern, fashionable details.

What are your bag essentials for NYFW?
I am notorious for stuffing way too many things into my bag. During Fashion Week, it ends up being my portable closet/gadget box/refreshment counter. This time around, I’m trying to carry smaller bags and bring only the essentials: credit cards, ID, iPhone, BlackBerry and a portable charger.

What’s your favorite thing about a Michael Kors show?
I always have such a blast at the show because of the constant adventure. Each season, he gives the audience a brand new experience. I love the constant change and dimension from collection to collection—there’s always a fresh perspective, but it’s still pure Michael Kors. 

Where will you head for lunch after the show? 
Since we’re going to be uptown at Lincoln Center, it’s the perfect excuse to head over to Bergdorf’s for a light lunch. Then it’s off to more shows.

And dinner? 
Maybe Balthazar? I’m a sucker for their steak frites.

You love New York, but is there anything here you could do without?
I love NYC with my heart and soul, but when those cabs go on their switch-over? OMGAWD! 

Do you have any special plans for Valentine’s Day?
I am so far from a lovey-dovey person. This Valentine’s Day, I’m landing back in Toronto and going home to watch Die Hard!


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