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Miroslava Duma is at the tip top of the Russian fashion pyramid. Moscow-based fashion connoisseur and founder of a digital news portal, Buro 24/7, is a busy woman. A sample five-day itinerary might include a shoot in New York, a charity gala dinner in Dubai, a stopover in Moscow and a business meeting in Shanghai. Jet lag? What jet lag? This jet set lifestyle is de rigueur for Duma who’s become a familiar face on the street style scene the world over. 


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Duma may be petite, but her plans are grand. Buro 24/7, launched in Russia in 2010 is slowly making its way around Europe with Italian-, German-, and English-language versions in the works. The Middle East edition, based in Dubai, made its debut in November. The site covers culture, style, film, art and all the noteworthy social events that should be on every fashion lover's radar. “It’s quality information 24 hours, seven days a week,” says Duma. 


Although well versed in all things glam, Duma’s forte is definitely fashion. Her knack for mixing bright colors, sumptuous textures, couture shapes and haute hats is second to none. Whether she’s attending Paris Fashion Week, filming in London or meeting business partners in Brazil, Duma’s eclectic style is always a jolt of surprise. But don’t mistake it for a fashion formula. “I don’t really have a uniform, to be honest. I’m still experimenting and my style is evolving. Because I’m working in fashion, I’m always playing with it. I’m studying fashion every single day so I want to try it all,” says Duma.


For today’s shoot in New York, Duma steps into neutral territory. The pieces she’s selected from the Resort 2014 collection in universally flattering suntan shades with touches of leather, are simply chic. “It’s very minimalistic, which is a great trend,” notes Duma. “This is the American style that I adore. Michael Kors fashion is feminine, it’s cool, it’s funky, and at the same time, it’s classic. You can tell that Michael Kors loves women because his clothes make them feel confident, feminine, sexy, beautiful and at the same time cool and stylish.” 

It’s almost dark and the skyline suddenly sparks to life, revealing nighttime New York in all its glory. We catch Duma admiring the view from the car window. “I love this city,” she says, as the limo speeds down Fashion Avenue. “It inspires the whole world. You can just come here, take a risk and do something big.” 

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Shot By - Video: Marcel Wepper, Inc. Photos: Robert Johansson
Location - New York City
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