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We Found Michael’s
High School Yearbook!


It’s a time for taking new steps, making big plans and having colossal dreams—we’re talking about graduation. Flashback to 1977: in the spirit of the season, we took a peek at Michael’s very own John F. Kennedy High School yearbook, and noticed that his classmates did some trend forecasting of their own—check out these impressive comments we found:

"When I come visit you in your Fifth Avenue showroom, office, shop, whatever—in 20 years I better get a discount. I’m sure you’ll eventually follow all your outrageous ambitions and the world will know you as another Halston, Dior, Blass, etc.”

“In ten years, when you’re rich and famous and I’m 5' 10" tall, weighing in at 971 lbs., you have to promise to design a wardrobe just for me. You’re really going places!”

“You’re always a lot of fun and there will never be another one like you! Good luck—you won’t need it—you’re already great.”­

“Good luck, because you have such great potential. I want to see your name in Vogue… P.S. I want a Kors T-shirt.”
—Robin K.

“I refuse to say goodbye because after all, this is only the beginning. I think that our friendship is strong enough to stay good for 20 years, when you are a famous designer and God only knows what I’ll be doing.”

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