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She’s a woman who wears many hats—all stylish. Call Marjorie “Dree” Harper a fashion-forward multi-tasker: in addition to being Mom to three-year-old Luke, Harper works as a stylist, consultant, Refinery29 contributor and manager of her own website, Create That Style. We caught up with the entrepreneur to discuss the surprises of parenthood and her own mother’s chic style—turns out, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Stylist, Personal Shopper, TV Personality and Refinery29 Contributor
AGE: 39
PROVENANCE: Philippine Islands
HOROSCOPE: Sagittarius

What’s your favorite thing about being a mother? 
Growing with your child! Not only is it beyond beautiful watching them grow, but experiencing how much they make you grow. The good in my heart has increased tenfold since Luke entered my life.

What’s the toughest part of being a mother?
Patience and worry. I lack the first and have to tame the latter, or it will rob me of joy!

What’s your everyday uniform?
Honestly, it changes, but it seems I'm heavily rotating distressed denim, sneakers and comfortable tees. I'm out the door with my son early, so I can’t have too much fuss.

Any quick beauty tips when you’re sleep deprived or in a rush?
I recently discovered Restorsea products for my skin and wake up refreshed no matter how many hours I've slept (thank goodness!). Batiste Dry Shampoo is a life-saver! As far as makeup goes, I've perfected my quick routine to three products: eyelash curler, mascara and cheek tint. I get a fresh, awake look while keeping things really low maintenance. 

What’s your guilty pleasure?
Unnecessary large helpings of frozen yogurt topped with everything under the sun. There's always chocolate involved.

Looking back on your childhood, what’s one of your favorite memories of your mother?
Sunday church followed by thrifting. We loved to treasure hunt.

What was her style like? 
Amazing! I read somewhere that the era in which our mothers were most stylish tend to resonate with us. That's the 70s for me. She had impeccable style with her shiny, long black hair, high-waisted bells and pendant necklaces. In the working world, my mother dressed to the nines. Beautifully fitted suits with sheer secretary blouses, heels and tinted sunglasses. I still find myself in her closet. Just ask her!

Has her fashion sense influenced your own?
Absolutely. She educated me on the quality of things—pointing out the craftsmanship of Italian leather and knitwear; explaining which labels were wise buys. She loved treasure hunting at thrift stores and garage sales, but would rarely buy junk. My love for unearthing amazing vintage pieces comes solely from my mother.

What is something your mother did that you’re thankful for—even if it drove you crazy at the time?
There was a low point in my early twenties where I was in a bad relationship and going down the path of not taking care of myself properly. She was bold in her approach of telling me I looked terrible and needed a reality check. Her words were powerful and ultimately the catalyst I needed to change my path. 

What’s the best advice she ever gave you?
Know how to take care of yourself! When my parents divorced when I was 17, I learned from her example. She took a class on car maintenance and could tell shady mechanics she wasn't going to be conned. To this day, my mother embodies strength and independence.

Mother’s Day is around the corner—what’s on your wish list? 
I'm a sucker for my husband's breakfast: pancakes, bacon, coffee, fresh juice. Jewelry doesn’t hurt—I love the statement pieces from Michael Kors, like the turquoise crystal ring and the tortoise-and-horn watch. And the Miranda tote in palm green—he nails the shade so perfectly!


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