A day in the life of a rock-royalty It girl  

As the daughter of Simon Le Bon, lead singer of Duran Duran, and model Yasmin Le Bon (née Parvaneh), Amber Le Bon is refreshingly devoid of the traditional headline-grabbing hallmarks of rock-n-roll offspring. In fact, the model prefers hanging out with her dogs, a Chihuahua named Tinker and a terrier named Cecil, when she’s home in London and regularly cuts her own hair. A fan of all things creative, Amber also enjoys DJing—she has over 6,000 songs in her iTunes library—and is a self-proclaimed nerd when it comes to her choice in iPad apps (Pottery HD and Rock Garden are amongst her favorites). We spent a day with the down-to-earth model during New York Fashion Week, talking about everything from her go-to playlist to her must-have packing list. 

Do you usually attend New York Fashion Week? 

Amber Le Bon: I don't usually attend New York Fashion Week, so I am very excited.  I usually do London and maybe a bit in Paris and Milan.

How different is it to sit in the audience versus walking in a show?

ALB: It seems to go by a lot quicker when you're watching rather than walking.  I guess you don't have to be backstage beforehand in hair and makeup and get the build-up.  You do get to appreciate the clothes more when watching, though, rather than looking at the rails and wondering how difficult it's going to be to do the outfit changes.

How does New York compare to London in terms of fashion week?

ALB: I think that where London has a slightly rebellious quirkiness to it, New York has a little more of a polished, put-together feel.  I like both as they are quite different.

What do you wear/carry/never forget when you travel?

ALB: I always take an extra jumper when I travel as I have awkward body temperatures—when everyone else is hot, I'm cold, and vice versa.  Another thing I always remember is my lip balm, as I have chronically cracked lips.

So, what else are you working on these days?

ALB: I am currently modeling, and in my spare time I draw and read lots. I also play a lot of music.

You’re an accomplished musician—do you get a chance to work on your music?

ALB: I do. I play piano and have been teaching myself guitar, which I really enjoy.  It's something that really relaxes me. I love learning new things, especially how to play new instruments.  I am also doing some DJing, which is so much fun.  I love picking songs to play.

Do you and your father talk music? Has he influenced your musical tastes?

ALB: We always talk music, our whole family does!  We all play each other new songs that we like and whenever it's one of those nights when friends are round and there's an iPod playing we all argue as to whose turn it is to play a song that they want to hear.

What’s on your playlist?

ALB: At the moment it's mostly chilled out. I really like First Aid Kit, Civil Wars, Agnes Obel and the Black Keys.

Tell us about your life in London. What’s a normal day like?

ALB: It varies so much. If I'm at home it's very dog-orientated, a lot of cuddling and playing with them, and taking them for walks.  Then in the evenings I like to see my friends and go out for dinner.  If I'm working it’s usually an early start and off to work, then afterwards I'm either too tired to go out, or I make the most of the hair and makeup.  Especially if I get curly hair.

You grew up in an incredibly creative, musical family. How does that influence who you are as a person and your approach to fashion?

ALB: I have a huge love of music and am quite a creative person, and I think that it definitely comes from being around it when I was growing up.

List three words that define your sense of style.

ALB: Simple, comfortable, mainly black.

What are a few of your everyday fashion staples?

ALB: Black skinny jeans, chiffon shirts and heeled boots.  They're easy to move around in, comfy, yet can be dressed up with a great cuff bracelet.

Do you and your mother share clothes?

ALB: The whole time!  The rule in our house is if it's new and Mama's, then she has to wear it first.

Best fashion advice you ever received? And from whom?

ALB: Always check your fly, from Daddy.  It's been very useful and saved me from many an embarrassing situation.

What are a few of your favorite travel destinations? Do those tend to influence your fashion?

ALB: I love Ibiza and Paris, two very different places, each with their own style, both of which influence me.  I have a very seasonal style. Wintertime I like wearing a lot of black and have a more Parisian look. Then come summertime I wear a lot more long, floaty clothes and the Ibicencan style comes out.

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